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THEORY: season seven Doctor Who


So this is a combination of several theories that I have found in the past hour or so, that I fit together for the benefit of the fandom.  Only bits of the following are originally mine.  Please don’t sue me for tumblr plagiarism. 

The doctor that we have seen in episodes 7.1-7.3 has already been in 7.5, and has already lost Amy and Rory, and is going back and back to be with them again…

and in tonight’s episode when the doctor was shouting that he needed to “honor the victims first”, he was referring not only to everyone else who has died as a result of “his mercy”, but Amy and/or Rory who he has already lost.

When the doctor said a few weeks ago that Amy and Rory would be there “till the end of him” and amy replied “or vice versa” he looked very distressed, like he knew what would happen (which he did), and by “the end of him”, he meant that it was killing him inside and making him more vengeful, because he has already lost them.

In tonight’s episode, he mentioned Rory leaving a phone charger in Henry VIII’s suite, but Rory just looked confused (like it hadn’t happened yet), which means that happened later in Rory’s timestream, but earlier in the doctor’s, which means the doctor is backtracking.  

Finally: at the end of season 6 the doctor was 1106.  In tonights episode he is 1200 years old.  There is no way that nothing important happened in the last 100 years, because he aged form 900 to 907 from seasons 1 to five, but from 5-7 he aged 199 years.

Also, in “Pond Life” he leaves that message on their phone, but then deletes it.  He deletes it because they aren’t home, but he is worried that he has gone too far back into their timelines, and they are travelling with him, so he deletes it to prevent crossing his own timestream.  He is also carrying a black umbrella during this scene, which is the colour of mourning…